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A Comfortable Operator is a Productive Operator: A Guide to Comfort-Enhancing Features

May 12, 2023

In a business built around hard deadlines, doing all you can to get the job done is the rule of the day – which often means long hours spent in the cab of a machine. That's why comfort-forward features should be a top priority when considering new construction equipment to ensure operator satisfaction, productivity and job-site safety. We’ve compiled a checklist list to make the job easier.

Climate control and cab protection:

Construction work is always in demand, which sometimes means working in demanding conditions, like scorching heat or chilly winds. Climate control, or HVAC systems, are a crucial feature to protect operators from natural elements that can be unforgiving. Kubota Construction Equipment with enclosed cabs all come with HVAC systems that are sealed to help prevent dust and debris from entering the cab when closed, making for better breathability and visibility. Kubota’s newest compact track loader model, the SVL75-3, also features a one-piece sealed cab that also helps reduce noise levels and a reconfigured HVAC system for exceptional heating and cooling performance.    

Visibility and access:

Having the proper space to maneuver and see the worksite within the cab or in the canopy of the unit is also critical. Kubota has made these features a top priority with the introduction of new equipment, such as the new compact excavator KX030-4, which offers a wide entrance, generous legroom and floor space, as well as an ergonomically-designed interior to make the workday more comfortable. A wide entrance and exit design delivers excellent accessibility while retaining clear visibility in both the SVL75-3 and KX030-4. Now standard on the SVL75-3, a rearview camera is integrated into the rear bonnet and offers a 176° range of rearward visibility.

Operator Displays:

Visibility within the cabin cannot be forgotten. In the case of the SVL75-3, a new seven-inch LCD touch panel gives operators access to a wide range of functions and vital information, like battery charge, hydraulic oil and coolant temperature, auxiliary mode and fuel level. It’s also where the standard rear-view camera is displayed. In models that do not offer an LCD panel, the instrument panel should be backlit or large enough, easy-to-read and conveniently positioned to the operator’s line of sight to monitor operations like the panel is in the KX030-4.

Ergonomic seating:

Last, but not least, seat comfort can make jobs that can be a bit rough easier to manage and sustain. When selecting a piece of equipment, look for ergonomic seat features that can help decrease fatigue and increase productivity. Suspension seating cuts down the uncomfortable vibrations of the machine and helps mitigate shock. Also look for design features that support the back, shoulders, and lower torso.

In short, a comfortable operator is a productive operator. 

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Kubota PDI Technician

Posted 11/14/2023
Stewart Martin Kubota Broken Arrow
Full Time

Responsible for set-up and assembly of all types of equipment offered for sale by the dealership.

Preforms pre-delivery inspections and prepares equipment for delivery to the customer. May require some direction of guidance from Service Manager, Service Location Manager or Shop Foreman.


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